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Designed and produced in Australia by hand.

I sew a patchwork of goodies specializing in Bespoke Quilts. I design my quilts so that they are timeless, as they are an investment piece . For the little folk I design and make quilts so they capture the innocence of childhood but with a touch of style that will mature with them.

Branching out in 2012 to produce queen size quilts . I appreciate that purchasing a quilt is perhaps a once in a lifetime experience. A quilt can connect the past with the present and the future. I work closely with my clients and will design and create a quilt to suit you.

Each fold, cut, layout, seam and stitch is completed with a sharp eye for detail. Maggie and Sparrow quilts are traditionally made with a contemporary edge. Vintage, limited edition and specialty fabrics are carefully sourced from all over the world and coordinated, to create unique and one of a kind designs. The intricate pattern of the top quilting stitch is also a distinctive feature as to are the way I co-ordinate fabric patterns, colours and textures.

Hope to see you back soon

Kathryn x

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